The perfect Bridal Accessory!

Everlasting bouquets for the 

modern discerning Bride.  

Silks, burlap or wood!



set pricing

All weddings are custom designed.  There are no set prices.  Prices are based on style, color or theme, flowers desired, size and number of attendants.


We try to work with every budget.  It may require downsizing of bouquets but they will still be stunning!

things we need to know


· When is your wedding?

· Are you wearing white or ivory?

· What color are the dresses for your wedding party? If you bought them at David’s please tell me the name of the color they use. If I don’t have the swatch I will get one to use for picking flowers. If you bought them online please send me a link so I can see the shade you have selected.

· How many bridesmaids do you have? Please include adults in this number only.

· Do you need flowers for a junior bridesmaid or flower girl?

· What shape of bouquets do you prefer? Both for yourself and the wedding party. Please note that our Classic Round are not like others you may have seen. They are not round like balls. They have a lot of depth and a variety of flowers.

· If you like a cascade for yourself please tell me how tall you are and what silhouette your dress id so that I can design one that won’t overwhelm you or smack into your dress as you walk down the aisle. A cascade can be modified to fit you perfectly!

· All bouquets come with a matching boutonniere. Do you need any extra boutonnieres? For example ushers who do not have a partner but need to coordinate with the wedding.

· Do you need corsages or boutonnieres for family members?

· Are there any special flowers you love? Please feel free to send me pics of any styles you like. Be sure to browse through my past weddings to see what I have done in the past.

· Are you working with a budget? Please share it with me. I don’t want to show you samples out of your budget. I try to work with any REALISTIC budget. But please keep in mind that the number of your attendants does impact my quote for you.

Once I hear back from you I will send you samples of flowers that I think would work for your wedding themes and colors. 


If you decide to move forward with Fleur, you will get a contract with complete descriptions and pricing.  A signed contract and the retainer will lock in your pricing.

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All bouquets come with matching boutonnieres and vases to display them at the reception

Toss  bouquet is always free!


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